Intermodal & Rail

Diversify your equipment options with intermodal and rail solutions through TDR Logistics. Whether you need a mixture of modes—from steamship to train and truck—or want to decrease reliance on truckload capacity, intermodal and rail logistics solutions can help. environmentally


Trains can haul far more cargo at a time than a truck can, and at a more cost-effective rate. Most significantly for you, TDR Logistics offers full door-to-door rail service, meaning we will pick up your freight from your location and get it delivered directly where you want it.Your goods are loaded onto specialized containers that do not need repackaging between train and truck. All this saves you time, money, and hassle. Best of all, rail and intermodal transport is very flexible, allowing a broad range of cargo to be shipped just about anywhere, safely, efficiently, and with less greenhouse gas emissions, making it better for the environment too.
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